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  • RE: Importing POSTGRE

    @gabut i got the same problem.
    When i import there are some unidentified characters. this causes encoding format when export creates table schema.


    I this there is more another wrong character.

    I try to fix with encoding format using UTF8 and it work 😊


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  • Relase dynobird CLI 0.0.15

    Write migration is wasting time. Because every database design was ready, programmers must start to convert database design to code with manual type by keyboard. This is a boring time.

    We are in dynobird always work with efficient, we want to remove this step. We try to build dynobird CLI in last month to make this real. Now we release dynobird cli version 0.0.15. This release support some command to generate and import for laravel web framework.

    There are two strategies to work with dynobird CLI. Work with existing projects and work with new projects. Dynobird support in both.

    • work with new project

    • work with existing project

    We are released if there are more than two strategies to implement this method, but we hope both strategies can make developer work simple. Feel free to give any criticisms and suggestions to make the developer work better.

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  • Welcome to dynobird forum

    Welcome to dynobird forum. Feel free to use this forum for anything about database design.

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